Ellen Moyer

First Woman Mayor of Annapolis

"There is a newcomer in this year’s State Senate primary race in District 30. Chrissy Holt, however, is not new to getting things done in government. She has a long track record as a citizen activist and the experience to implement positive progressive change on issues that confront Marylanders in District 30.


Like many women, Chrissy's familiarity with lawmaking and public policy came from life experience. A seriously ill child denied health insurance and her family’s struggles with addiction disorders gave her up-close exposure to our failed health care system that puts profits over patients and prevents adequate treatment.


Overcoming obstacles, pursuing a career while balancing parental and financial responsibilities are all part of Chrissy's substantial resume. She has worked with groups instrumental to blocking CareFirst from switching from a non-profit to a for-profit corporation in Maryland. She worked with coalitions to help pass HIPPA legislation, on hemophilia treatment centers, and helped to protect the essential benefits inside the Affordable Care Act, including emergency care and pregnancy. She also works on developing addiction and recovery legislation.


Chrissy is a born Marylander, a graduate of the University of Maryland, and holds a graduate degree from the London School of Economics. Her professional resume includes founding the extremely successful employment company, CareerBuilder and her current leadership position with The Disney Company.


As a former teacher, I see Chrissy’s leadership and legislative skills as essential to making her the best advocate in the Maryland Senate for students and teachers. And as a life-long champion of civil rights and women’s rights, I absolutely believe that Chrissy is the best choice on these critical issues as well.


An effective Senator must be inclusive and collaborative as well as possess leadership skills. Chrissy has demonstrated these qualities over decades. All of this makes her the best choice to lead our district in the Maryland Senate and to beat the Republican candidate for this vitally important seat.


We must protect our Democratic-controlled Senate by picking the strongest and most qualified candidate in the primary for State Senate District 30 onJune 26th. That candidate is Chrissy Holt."

Progressive Maryland

Claire Miller, Chair of Progressive Maryland's Take Action Anne Arundel County

I met Chrissy Holt, who is a candidate for Maryland Senate in District 30, at the March and Rally for Healthcare last summer. She is a passionate advocate on a mission to make sure her son has healthcare when he turns 26 years old. He has hemophilia, one of the most expensive pre-existing conditions a person can have. Chrissy is fighting for her son and for all families who are struggling with the cost of healthcare. She has been lobbying the federal and state legislature about healthcare and addiction for decades. She is willing to stand up and speak out, and she is not afraid to take a strong position on an issue. Chrissy also has the ability to rally people behind her and has taken on local issues here in Anne Arundel County.


When I think about who I want to represent me and my fellow citizens in District 30, I want someone who shares my values.  I believe healthcare is a human right and I am concerned about my peers who are 50-64 years of age. I’ve now entered the most expensive years of my life. People 50-64 years of age are more likely to have chronic health conditions, and in the current health care system, the cost of having a health plan, even with the Affordable Care Act, is 3-5 times higher for people my age. We need to have good jobs just to pay for health plans, let alone co-pays and individual shares of treatment costs. Chrissy supports the new and improved Medicare for All legislation.


Chrissy and I went to the Women’s State of the Union in January and accepted the challenge of getting more women a seat at the table. I want someone who is a strong advocate at that table when decisions are made that will affect me and my neighbors. I want someone who is willing to listen to her constituents and advocate for the citizens in this district.  Let’s face it -- one of the many problems in government today is that those who can pay are the ones who get to play. I want our state government to represent the best interest of its citizens and environment before those in any particular industry.  Chrissy is not taking donations from special interests, and she is independent of the establishment. She is the only candidate in District 30 endorsed by Progressive Maryland (see her response to PM’s questionnaire). She proactively supports issues that will helping working families in our state. Chrissy is also a Mom’s Demand Action for Sensible Gun Legislation candidate.


If you want someone who has progressive values and the business, advocacy, and life experience to represent you in District 30, join me in supporting Chrissy Holt for State Senate.  Vote Chrissy Holt on June 26 or during early voting June 14-21.