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Maryland Politicians Who Won’t Fight For $15 Are Selling Out Our Futures: Chrissy Holt Has My Vote.

March 27, 2018

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Strong Lawmakers and Good Legislation Can Solve the Addiction Epidemic in Maryland


Last week I had the honor of testifying to the Finance Committee in support of two new bills introduced by Senator John Astle (D-30)


Both pieces of important legislation will help solve Maryland's addiction epidemic and help citizens and their families in Maryland who are battling with devastating health crises.


One will offer doctors the option to use medical cannabis as another tool in addiction treatment. The other would keep patients who are in a drug or alcohol crisis in the hospital for a couple of days, rather than the current protocol, which often releases patients while they are still unstable. (See the details of the legislation below).


As a woman and mother in long-term recovery for almost ten years, I know how impossible it can be for patients and their families to find a path to wellness in our currently broken system.


Photo Caption: Testifying yesterday with Senator John Astle, (l) and Chrissy Holt (r), Candidate for Maryland Senate District 30.


Because of my  background, I know there is no quick fix nor single path to recovery. What is needed is what I like to call "a continuum of care," where patients have access to the pathway of care that best supports their individual recovery. These two bills offer pieces of that recovery puzzle.


For seven years, I watched helplessly as my first husband lost his battle with addiction because of poor access to recovery treatment in a system paralyzed by profits over patients.


In 2011, my children lost their father. That should never have happened in our family. It should never happen to anyone's family, no matter what the specific addiction, the amount of money a person has, their race, religion, or sexual orientation. Recovery must be an equal opportunity employer, and be available to everyone.


Our recovery communities need more help and bold moves to stop the devastation that is occurring in every Maryland county.

With champions on this issue like Senator John Astle and the leaders of various recovery groups, we've made some progress in these last few days, but we have a long way to go.  


When I arrive on the Senate floor in 2019, I will continue this excellent work to move Marylanders into a much healthier and secure future with comprehensive programs and legislation. Every patient struggling with addiction and their family members must have the support they need to recover and thrive so that they may become healthy, contributing members of Maryland society. 


Please call your members of the Senate and voice your support for these two bills.


Medical Cannabis – Provider Applications – Opioid Use Disorder 


Health – Standards for Involuntary Admissions and Petitions for Emergency 3 Evaluation – Modification


Click here to find out your legislative district. 


We welcome your input on this and other critical issues for Maryland and District 30. Please reach out to contact, learn more, or join our campaign. 

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